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Collect and take action
on client feedback.

Collect and transform feedback into powerful

momentum for your web and design projects.

Don't get stuck doing things the old way...

Visual Feedback



Event Biology
"Timeline" View
"File Browser" View

In Timeline, web and design projects are simply projects, and you can have as many as you want.

Each of your projects can have multiple stages or revisions, represented as "Events".

It is these Events which enable you to collect feedback on a particular website, web application, graphic, or one of many other supported formats.

The "Timeline" view for your project is the classic Timeline.io perspective on your project and its progress.

In "Timeline" view, your project's stages are represented by events on a chronological timeline, each with their own attributes and actions.

"Timeline" view is one of two current means to observe and manage your project.

The "File Browser" view for your project lets you manage your project as you'd manage files on your computer.

You can easily create new Events, nest them within folders, share them with colleagues or clients, review the feedback contained within, and much more.

Whatever you do, the Events in your project are visible in both the "Timeline" and "File Browser" views.

Make feedback simpler for your client & more efficient for you.

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Make Powerful Connections

Get the most out of Timeline by connecting your favorite project management and communication tools.
Receive notifications about your team and client's activity, create new tasks from feedback, and more.

More integrations coming soon.

Coming Soon

Add-Ons to Accelerate Your Work

Change Helper

Our proprietary AI will interpret your client's feedback at your discretion and recommend changes to the underlying code, to help move your website or web application to where your client wants it to be.

Drag, Drop, Deploy

Drag your website or web application over to Timeline and we'll automatically deploy it to a real server and link it to a new Event. This functionality will also be provided as an external service.

Collect and take action on client feedback.